Pack Generator


The Pack Generator makes generating composed NFTs a breeze. You pack them, send the NFT and all its contained assets where you want and then the recipient can unpack the NFT and its contents into their wallet.

Whether you want to simply pack up some crypto-assets for yourself, deliver a mystery box to your users, or create blockchain DLC (downloadable content) for your games, Pack Generator will do that for you.

You can create a single pack, or you can batch mint up to 10,000 packs, in batches of up to 200 per transaction, and at speeds of up to 50 minted composed NFTs in an hour. More importantly, the Pack Generator does not employ lazy minting. When it has finished a batch, the NFTs will be ready there and then for you to send to whomever you want, or to use in a giveaway.

The Pack Generator Beta, live now, works on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, with more chains coming soon!

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